About Us

It was a passion of the owner of Prime Holidays to Travel around the world. Hence, Prime Holidays was born. He himself being a traveler and having a passion for the same knows the basic needs of a Traveler and can foresee what one can expect from his holidays that doesn't comes easily in this busy world. Thus, he is the guiding force and under his vision and influence the company has laid the foundation of providing the travelers with the best service at a reasonable cost, at the same time making their holidays memorable.

Prime holidays have established itself very well in both the domestic tours i.e. India Tours and International Tours i.e. World Tours. The backbone of our success is our totally dedicated, hard working team that strives for complete guest satisfaction and have won hearts effortlessly, with their professionalism and warmth. We take personnel care in appointing Tour Escorts which we think is the main reason behind the success of our Group Tours. This is quite obviously visible from the satisfaction report that we get from our clients. Hence we can proudly say that our friendly, professional and destination savvy tour escorts add to your tour experiences with their impeccable manners, personal touch and caring attitude.

We take utmost care in selecting and looking into each and every aspect connected with your tours. Weather it is the Hotel, Coach, Guide and food which especially lists on the top priority for Indian travelers. Our goal at Prime Holidays is to give every traveler overall satisfaction. Thus, making their holidays memorable and so is the theme of our company.

"come! make your holidays memorable"

Prime Holidays has provided me very unforgettable memories.They have made my trips absolutely hassle free and enjoyable. Thank you so much for making my holidays exciting.

Sahir Maredia